1995 Topps Finest Football  



Base Set Refractors Fan Favorites

Pro Bowl Jumbos
Back - Packaging

Landmark Oddball/Promo


1995 Topps Finest debuted with boxes that included 24 packs and 7 cards per pack. The suggested retail price was $5.00 per pack. This was the first year of the Finest Protective Peel, designed to preserve card fronts from scratches. It's debated in the hobby "to peel or not to peel". The cards true lustrous shine is somewhat diminished with the peel but it can also be considered an incomplete factory issued card if it is peeled. Suffice to say thanks to 1990s overproduction of cards hobbyists can enjoy cards in either condition.

The base set expands from 220 cards to 275 cards and for the first time includes true rookie cards. Similar to 1994, rookies are interspersed through the product with a different design. What's new is that the set is comprised of series 1 (165 cards) and series 2 (110 cards).

Chase cards continue with Finest Refractors and include a new insert set available in Series 1, Fan Favorites. These translucent acetate cards feature some of the most popular players in the NFL and land 1 in every 12 packs.

Promotional cards include 22 card Pro Bowl Jumbos and a Refractor variation set available during the 1996 NFL Experience in Hawaii. They are roughly 4" x 5 5/8", notably bigger than the standard 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" standard card.

Available as a mailaway set are Finest Landmark cards, made with 4 ounces of bronze ingot. This 16 card set was first available as a 4-card mailaway set from Topps for $99. Two additional series of 6 cards were released separately then together as a 12 card series 2 which were also available directly from Topps.


Odds of finding a short-print base or insert card:

Refractor (1:12), Fan Favorites (1:12), Landmark (mail-away offer)

Type Current Max Percent
Base 275 275 100%
Refractors 0 275 0%
Fan Favorites 1 25 4%
Pro Bowl Jumbos 22 22 100%
Pro Bowl Jumbos Refractors 0 22 0%
Landmark 8 16 50%



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