In 1995 Topps offered collectors a new avenue to grow their collections. The Landmark series are made with 4 ounces of bronze ignot. Cards are referred to as medallions. Series 1 included Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Steve Young that could be purchased from Topps for $99 plus $9.95 for shipping/handling. The rest of the medallions were released as 2-packs for $49.90; 3 sets of 2 for a second series and 3 sets of 2 for a third series. Topps later re-released the non-series 1 cards again as their own series 2. Collectors would subscribe to Topps and each month pay $49.90 plus tax and $3.50 for shipping/handling (if subscribing after 10/16/1995, prior to this date Topps would cover shipping) to receive 2 medallions.

Topps noted series 2 is limited to 6,000 copies of each player medallion.

Below is a partial list of what I've learned on how they were released. Please note I'm not certain yet where each pair falls in the timeline but I'm reasonably sure based on pairs I've purchased that they shipped together as I also received original packaging.

Series 1 Quad: <date unknown> 1. Jerry Rice
2. Emmitt Smith
3. Troy Aikman
4. Steve Young
Series 2 Pair 1: <date unknown>    
Series 2 Pair 2: <date unknown>    
Series 2 Pair 3: <date unknown>    
Series 3 Pair 4: <date unknown>    
Series 3 Pair 5: <date unknown>    
Series 3 Pair 6: <date unknown>    
Confirmed Pair (unknown item number)

5. Barry Sanders
15. Rick Mirer

Confirmed Pair (unknown item number, needs confirmation) 6. Randall Cunningham
16. Heath Shuler
Confirmed Pair (unknown item number, needs confirmation)

7. Drew Bledsoe
14. Warren Moon

Process of elimination, needs confirmation 13. Junior Seau
15. Jim Kelly
Pair (Item Number 205 per Topps invoice) 03/25/1996

8. Dan Marino
10. Michael Irvin

Pair (Item Number 206 per Topps invoice) 04/20/1996

9. John Elway
12. Brett Favre



Finest Landmark Documentation

Topps Welcome Letter Topps Set Completion Letter Topps Certificate of Authenticity Invoices for Landmark medallions Topps Brochure for Landmark
Mailer outside cover pg 1 Mailer outside back cover pg 2 Mailer outside pg 3 Mailer outside pg 4 Mailer outside pg 5
Mailer inside pg 1 Mailer inside pg 2 Mailer inside pg 3 Mailer inside pg 4 Mailer inside pg 5
Mailer Inside Mailer Outside 2 Medallion (card) box 2 Medallion box opened Landmark Series 1 case