2004 Topps Finest Football  



Base Set Refractors Gold Refractors Other Refractors Promos Checklist 1 and 2


2004 Finest hit hobby shops early November, 2004. Like last year, the set consists of 60 veteran and 40 rookies, along with 7 veteran jerseys and 27 rookie autographs. This is another set that can be costly for set builders to try and complete. Unlike the previous couple years, some huge names are in this set such as rookie autographs of Roethlisberger, Manning, and Rivers.

Each box is comprised of 3 mini-boxes, each mini containing 6 packs of cards. Each pack contains 5 cards. The MSRP for each pack was $6, making the mini-box at most $36 and a couple dollars cheaper than last year.

2002-2005 Finest would mark a period of time for Topps where hits were integrated with the regular series set, only a few refractor parallel types were available, and no other insert sets were included.


Odds of finding a short-print base or insert card:

Type Current Max Percent
Base w/o SPs 100 100 100%
Base /w SPs 130 134 97%
Refractors /199 5 134 0%
Gold Xfractors /150 0 100 0%
Gold Refractors /50 1 149 0%
Xfractors /5 0 134 0%