1999 Topps Finest Football  

Promotional cards, oddballs, errors, and miscuts

Welcome to the section of my 1999 Topps Finest collection that sets me apart from normal set collecting. This page contains all the cards that are not part of the mainstream base, parallel, or insert sets. Items on this page can be as simple as a miscut card to a backdoored print proof.

  • Rogue's Gallery of Miscut Cards - these cards are so off-centered that a thin slice of the card adjacent to them is on it. Sometimes very hard to see, sometimes very obvious. Almost all of them are easier to see when looking at the back. Note that all the miscuts are on the left edge of the card when looking at the back. All but a couple of these miscuts came from the same box and were always the 3rd card in the pack. Makes me wonder how these get assembled into packs. The Steve Young Leading Indicators is simply a miscut card in that the cut along the left side wasn't on a straight line and chopped into the card itself. All of these I pulled from packs though I'd also buy or trade them if I ran across any.
  • Who's Counting Anyways - these cards are incorrectly serial numbered. The Future's Finest set is #/500 and the Future's Finest Refractor set is #/100. The word "refractor" also appears on the back on cards that feature the refractor style rainbow on the front. These two McNabb and Couch cards are #/100, yet do not feature the word "refractor" on the back and the front appears as normal base version without the refractor technology. A Ricky Williams is also known to exist as do two different Edgerrin James. I remember seeing one of the James examples as a kid in Chicago at my local card shop in the glass display case being sold at the refractor book value due to the error. At one time I recall an eBay auction with a Barry Sanders Team Finest Red that is normally #/500 was billed as having the #/50 on the back.

  • Topps Vault - these cards were liquidated by Topps through online auctions. The four examples below are considered acrylic proofs. They feature the design of the finished products but do not have the chromium or refractor finish to them. I would have loved to been able to afford more of them but I'm happy to have acquired several different designs as examples.

  • Shady Backdoor Dealings - These cards were sold on eBay years ago as "blank proofs". The fronts to the cards appear complete like the main set but are wafer thin like cloth. The backs show the metallic chromium print. I don't know the origins to these cards but were likely backdoored from the factory as they came out years before the Topps Vault releases and did not include the vault certificate of authenticity. Regardless of origin, still very cool.

  • None is the loneliest number since the number one - Sometime in 2016 eBay was flooded with hundreds of 1999 Finest cards that had no serial number on the back. Set's like Future's Finest, Prominent Figures, Team Finest, and Gold Refractors hit the market and all lacked serial numbers. The Gold Refractors also are missing their signature scalloped die cut edging. These cards are suspected to have been either backdoored from Topps or were cut up from uncut sheets. Lending credence to the latter theory is that base set refractors also hit auction sites as "proofs" with two cards attached together. Since they weren't originally serial numbered, the seller(s) would have had to do something different to catch the attention of collectors and distinguish their cut cards from regular pack pulled ones so leaving two connected was their answer. Truly a shame since an uncut sheet of these cards would have looked magnificent on display.

  • Mailed Ink - my adventures in requesting autographs through the mail.


The rogue's gallery of miscut cards


who's counting anyways


topps vault
pictured is the actual back of PF38 as a reference.


shady backdoor dealings


none is the loneliest number since the number one


Mailed Ink