1999 Topps Finest Football  


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DT1 - Akili Smith/Carl Pickens
DT2 - Cade McNown/Curtis Enis
DT3 - Doug Flutie/Eric Moulds
DT4 - Mark Brunell/Fred Taylor
DT5 - Kordell Stewart/Jerome Bettis
DT6 - Jon Kitna/Joey Galloway
DT7 - Warrick Dunn/Mike Alstott
7 Card Dual Refractor Set - Album
Randomly inserted in packs (1:50) , this split screen card combines refractor and non-refractor technology on the same card.. Card variations include, non-refractor/refractor, refractor/non-refractor, and refractor/refractor.  Dual refractors are randomly inserted in packs at (1:150), this parallel set consists of a dual refractor front. There are 14 paired players for a total of 7 cards with a "DT" prefix  -Source Beckett.com


Left Refractor Front
Left Refractor Back
Right Refractor Front
Right Refractor Back
Dual Refractor Front
Dual Refractor Back
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