2010 Topps Chrome

Topps Chrome Football is usually a big favorite among football collectors, and this years version is loaded with all the top 2010 NFL Rookies. Topps was under the gun this year with their football releases because they obtained a NLFPA license in early spring when Upper Deck could not come to terms with the NFL. Getting a late start has prevented Topps from putting in additional veteran laden insert products because they just simply didn't have the time to accumulate autographs and game used items from veteran players.  Just a few months ago, Topps thought it wouldn't make football cards in 2010, so they have had to work overtime to get these products out in time for the start of the NFL season. Topps has got to hope the 2010 NFL Rookie Class is a strong one - because their early releases heavily feature rookie cards as the big hits.

Sources: Beckett.com, sportscardradio.com, fieldlevelview.com

Base & Refractors Set

Refractor - 1:3 (H/R)
X-Fractor  - 1:3 (R)
Orange Refractor - 3:1 (Retail Value Rack Pack)
Purple Refractor /555 - 1:10 (R)
Blue Refractor /199 - 1:52 (H/R)

Gold Refractor /50 - 1:208 (H) 1:209 (R)
Red Refractor /25 - 1:204 (H)
Superfractor /1 - 1:5,106 (H)
Printing Plates /1 - 1,276(H)
*Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Card Card Description Base Ref Xfra Org Purp Blue Gold Red
C1 Adrian Peterson X              
C2 Sidney Rice X              
C3A Jahvid Best RC       X        
C3B Jahvid Best SP                
C4 Terrell Owens X              
C5 Brandon Marshall X              
C6 Philip Rivers                
C7 Vernon Davis X X            
C8 Percy Harvin X              
C9 Jamaal Charles X              
C10 Donovan McNabb X              
C11A Golden Tate RC X     X        
C11B Golden Tate SP                
C12 Myron Rolle RC X              
C13A Dexter McCluster RC X              
C13B Dexter McCluster SP                
C14 Morgan Burnett RC X X            
C15 Jason Witten X              
C16A Jonathan Dwyer RC X              
C16B Jonathan Dwyer SP                
C17 Dezmon Briscoe RC X              
C18 Brian Urlacher X X            
C19 DeAngelo Williams X              
C20 Tony Romo                
C21 Charles Scott RC     X          
C22 Linval Joseph RC X              
C23 Ed Wang RC X         073    
C24 Tony Gonzalez                
C25 Darren McFadden   X            
C26 Matt Forte X              
C27 Kenny Britt X       271      
C28 Anthony Dixon RC                
C29 Chad Jones RC X              
C30 Troy Polamalu X              
C31 Taylor Mays RC X              
C32 Devin McCourty RC X              
C33 Matthew Stafford                
C34 London Fletcher X              
C35 Darren Sproles X              
C36 Dan LeFevour RC X              
C37 Michael Turner X X            
C38 Sean Lee RC X              
C39 Nnamdi Asomugha   X            
C40 Andre Johnson   X            
C41 Ryan Grant X X            
C42 Donald Driver X              
C43 Eli Manning X              
C44A Mike Williams RC X              
C44B Mike Williams SP w/hlmt                
C45 Anquan Boldin                
C46A Ben Tate RC                
C46B Ben Tate SP                
C47 Andre Roberts RC X              
C48 Kareem Jackson RC X     X        
C49 Zac Robinson RC                
C50 Peyton Manning X              
C51A Brandon LaFell RC X              
C51B Brandon LaFell SP                
C52 Santana Moss X              
C53 Russell Okung RC   X            
C54 Julius Peppers                
C55 Hines Ward X              
C56 Brandon Graham RC X              
C57 Steve Smith   X            
C58 Mike Iupati RC X X            
C59 Joe Flacco X              
C60A Dez Bryant RC X              
C60B Dez Bryant SP                
C61 Rashard Mendenhall X              
C62 James Harrison X              
C63 Wes Welker X              
C64 Jerod Mayo X X            
C65 Carlos Dunlap RC X     X        
C66 Taylor Price RC X X X          
C67 Jimmy Graham RC X              
C68 Walter McFadden RC X              
C69 Patrick Robinson RC   X            
C70A Colt McCoy RC   X            
C70B Colt McCoy SP                
C71 Marion Barber                
C72 Tyson Alualu RC X              
C73 Chris Cook RC                
C74 Joe Webb RC X              
C75 Brian Dawkins X              
C76 Greg Jennings                
C77 Jonathan Stewart                
C78 Ronnie Brown X   X          
C79 Willis McGahee X              
C80 Tom Brady X X            
C81 Clinton Portis X              
C82 Jerry Hughes RC                
C83 Knowshon Moreno X              
C84 David Reed RC X              
C85 Brandon Spikes RC X     X        
C86 Joe Haden RC                
C87 Aaron Hernandez RC X              
C88 Terrence Cody RC                
C89 Felix Jones                
C90 Brett Favre X     X        
C91 Carson Palmer X              
C92 Jay Cutler X              
C93 Carlton Mitchell RC X X            
C94 DeSean Jackson X              
C95 LeSean McCoy X              
C96 John Conner RC X              
C97 Charles Brown RC X              
C98 Eric Decker RC X              
C99 Brandon Ghee RC X              
C100A Tim Tebow RC X              
C100B Tim Tebow SP                
C101 Darren Sharper X              
C102 Trent Williams RC                
C103 Riley Cooper RC X X            
C104 Brian Cushing X              
C105 Miles Austin X              
C106A Emmanuel Sanders RC                
C106B Emmanuel Sanders SP                
C107 Jermaine Gresham RC X              
C108 Vincent Jackson X              
C109 Jermaine Cunningham RC X              
C110A Demaryius Thomas RC                
C110B Demaryius Thomas SP                
C111 Pierre Thomas X     X        
C112A Rob Gronkowski RC X   X          
C112B Rob Gronkowski SP                
C113 Major Wright RC                
C114 Anthony Davis RC X              
C115 Darrelle Revis X              
C116 Ray Lewis                
C117 Daryl Washington RC                
C118 Kyle Wilson RC                
C119 Koa Misi RC X   X          
C120A C.J. Spiller RC                
C120B C.J. Spiller SP                
C121 Pat Angerer RC X     X        
C122 Cadillac Williams X              
C123 DeMarcus Ware UER 11 X              
C124 Aaron Rodgers                
C125 Dan Williams RC X              
C126 Dallas Clark                
C127 Santonio Holmes X              
C128 Michael Crabtree X              
C129 Bryan Bulaga RC X              
C130A Jimmy Clausen RC X              
C130B Jimmy Clausen SP                
C131 Chad Ochocinco X              
C132 Ben Roethlisberger                
C133 Steve Smith USC                
C134 Everson Griffen RC X              
C135 Earl Thomas RC X X            
C136A Armanti Edwards RC X              
C136B Armanti Edwards SP                
C137 Kevin Kolb X     X        
C138 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah RC                
C139 Mike Kafka RC X              
C140A Ryan Mathews RC X              
C140B Ryan Mathews SP                
C141 T.J. Houshmandzadeh X              
C142 Chris Cooley X X            
C143 Randy Moss X              
C144 Rodger Saffold RC X     X        
C145 Maurice Jones-Drew X              
C146 Jonathan Vilma X     X        
C147 Matt Schaub X              
C148 Jacoby Ford RC X     X        
C149 T.J. Ward RC X              
C150A Sam Bradford RC X     X        
C150B Sam Bradford SP X              
C151 Joey Porter X              
C152 Ray Rice X X            
C153 James Starks RC                
C154 Joseph Addai X              
C155 Matt Hasselbeck X              
C156 Antonio Gates X              
C157 Mardy Gilyard RC X              
C158 Jerome Murphy RC X              
C159A Joe McKnight RC X     X        
C159B Joe McKnight SP                
C160A Ndamukong Suh RC                
C160B Ndamukong Suh SP                
C161 Marcus Easley RC X              
C162 Marques Colston                
C163 Torrell Troup RC X              
C164 Amari Spievey RC X              
C165 Sergio Kindle RC   X            
C166 Jonathan Crompton RC X              
C167 James Laurinaitis X              
C168A Montario Hardesty RC X     X        
C168B Montario Hardesty SP                
C169 Frank Gore X X       006    
C170 Gerald McCoy RC                
C171 Sean Weatherspoon RC                
C172 Damian Williams RC X              
C173 Reggie Bush X              
C174 Kellen Winslow X              
C175 Tony Pike RC X X            
C176 Reggie Wayne X              
C177 Dwayne Bowe X     X        
C178 Brandon Jacobs X              
C179 Levi Brown RC X              
C180 Larry Fitzgerald                
C181 Cedric Benson X              
C182 Patrick Willis X              
C183 Maurkice Pouncey RC X              
C184 Sean Canfield RC X     X        
C185 Ed Dickson RC                
C186A Arrelious Benn RC X   X          
C186B Arrelious Benn SP                
C187 Matt Ryan X   X          
C188 Jared Odrick RC X              
C189 Phillip Dillard RC X              
C190 Steven Jackson X     X        
C191 Jeremy Maclin X              
C192 Ed Reed X              
C193 Calvin Johnson X              
C194 Chris Wells X              
C195A Eric Berry RC X              
C195B Eric Berry SP                
C196 Shonn Greene X              
C197 Rennie Curran RC                
C198 Javier Arenas RC     X          
C199 Kevin Thomas UER RC X              
C200 Chris Johnson   X     484      
C201 Jason Pierre-Paul RC X              
C202 Jared Allen                
C203 Steve Slaton                
C204 Lamarr Houston RC                
C205 Anthony McCoy RC X              
C206 Mark Sanchez X              
C207 Derrick Morgan RC X              
C208A Jordan Shipley RC X              
C208B Jordan Shipley SP                
C209 Dwight Freeney X              
C210 LaDainian Tomlinson X              
C211 Matt Cassel X              
C212 Rolando McClain RC X              
C213 Nate Allen RC X              
C214 Thomas Jones X              
C215 Darryl Sharpton RC X              
C216A Toby Gerhart RC   X            
C216B Toby Gerhart SP                
C217 Jon Beason X              
C218 John Skelton RC   X            
C219 D.J. Williams                
C220 Drew Brees                


Topps Rookie (Anniversary) Reprints

Reprint - 1:12 (H/R)
Refractor /99 -  1:???

Auto Refractor /10 - 1:7,450 (H) 1:23,800 (R)


Card Description

Reprint Year Base Refractor Auto Refractor
1 Jim Brown 1958 X    
2 Eric Dickerson 1984      
3 Tony Dorsett 1978 X    
4 John Elway 1984 X    
5 Frank Gore 2005      
6 Steven Jackson 2004 X    
7 Chad Johnson 2001      
8 Felix Jones 2008      
9 Ray Lewis 1996      
10 Eli Manning 2004      
11 Peyton Manning 1998      
12 Dan Marino 1984      
13 Brandon Marshall 2006      
14 LeSean McCoy 2009      
15 Joe Montana 1981      
16 Adrian Peterson 2007 X    
17 Mark Sanchez 2009      
18 Gale Sayers 1968      
19 LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 X    
20 Reggie Wayne 2001      


Chrome Gridiron Lineage

Gridiron Lineage - 1:4 (H/R)
Refractor /99 - 1:331 (H/R)
Dual Auto Ref /10 - 1:14,750 (H) 1:49,000 (R)
Card Card Description Base Refractor Dual Auto Ref
CGLAR Troy Aikman X    
Tony Romo
CGLBL Dwayne Bowe X    
Brandon LaFell
CGLDA Eric Dickerson X    
Joseph Addai
CGLDJ Eric Dickerson      
Steven Jackson
CGLDM Tony Dorsett X    
LeSean McCoy
CGLET John Elway X    
Tim Tebow
CGLGG Antonio Gates X    
Jermaine Gresham
CGLGS Tony Gonzalez      
Jordan Shipley
CGLHM Percy Harvin X    
Dexter McCluster
CGLMC Joe Montana X    
Jimmy Clausen
CGLMT Brandon Marshall      
Demaryius Thomas
CGLNS Joe Namath      
Mark Sanchez
CGLPB Adrian Peterson      
Jahvid Best
CGLPH Adrian Peterson X    
Percy Harvin
CGLSD Jonathan Stewart X    
Jonathan Dwyer
CGLSJ Emmitt Smith      
Felix Jones
CGLST Emmitt Smith X    
LaDainian Tomlinson
CGLTM LaDainian Tomlinson      
Ryan Mathews
CGLTS Thurman Thomas X    
C.J. Spiller
CGLWM Patrick Willis X    
Rolando McClain


Bowman Chrome Rookie Preview

Rookie Preview - 1:12 (H/R)
Refractor /99 - 1/???
Autograph Refractor /25 - 1:2,058 (H) 1:6,750 (R)
Card Card Description Base Refractor Auto Refractor

Tim Tebow

BCR2 C.J. Spiller      
BCR3 Dez Bryant X    
BCR4 Golden Tate      
BCR5 Sam Bradford      
BCR6 Ryan Mathews      
BCR7 Jahvid Best      
BCR8 Colt McCoy X    
BCR9 Demaryius Thomas      
BCR10 Jimmy Clausen      
BCR11 Ndamukong Suh X    
BCR12 Arrelious Benn      
BCR13 Ben Tate      
BCR14 Jonathan Dwyer      
BCR15 Eric Berry X    
BCR16 Damian Williams      
BCR17 Armanti Edwards      
BCR18 Emmanuel Sanders X    
BCR19 Rolando McClain      
BCR20 Andre Roberts      
BCR21 Eric Decker      
BCR22 Joe McKnight      
BCR23 Brandon LaFell X    
BCR24 Jordan Shipley      
BCR25 Rob Gronkowski      
BCR26 Dexter McCluster      
BCR27 Jermaine Gresham      
BCR28 Montario Hardesty      
BCR29 Toby Gerhart      
BCR30 Gerald McCoy      


Chrome Rookie Autographs & Autograph Patches

Autograph - 1:24 (H)
*Group A 1:200, Group B 1:31 (H)
*Group A 1:783, Group B 1:117 (R)
Refractor /50 - 1:755 (H) 1:2,487 (R)
Black Refractor /25 - 1:1,540 (H) 1:5,100 (R)
Gold Refractor /10 - 1:3,700 (H) 1:12,000 (R)
Superfractor /1 - 1:28,085 (H)
Rookie Auto Patch Ref /25 -  1:1,561 (H)
Card Card Description Auto Ref Black Gold Super Patch
C3 Jahvid Best A            
C11 Golden Tate            
C13 Dexter McCluster B X          
C16 Jonathan Dwyer B            
C17 Dezmon Briscoe B            
C23 Ed Wang B            
C36 Dan LeFevour B            
C46 Ben Tate B            
C47 Andre Roberts B            
C49 Zac Robinson B            
C51 Brandon LaFell B            
C60 Dez Bryant A            
C66 Taylor Price B            
C70 Colt McCoy A            
C74 Joe Webb B            
C84 David Reed B            
C86 Joe Haden            
C87 Aaron Hernandez B            
C98 Eric Decker B            
C100 Tim Tebow A            
C103 Riley Cooper B X          
C106 Emmanuel Sanders A            
C107 Jermaine Gresham            
C110 Demaryius Thomas A X          
C112 Rob Gronkowski B            
C120 C.J. Spiller A            
C130 Jimmy Clausen A            
C135 Earl Thomas B            
C136 Armanti Edwards B            
C139 Mike Kafka B            
C140 Ryan Mathews A            
C148 Jacoby Ford B            
C150 Sam Bradford A            
C159 Joe McKnight A            
C160 Ndamukong Suh A            
C161 Marcus Easley B            
C168 Montario Hardesty B            
C170 Gerald McCoy B            
C172 Damian Williams B            
C175 Tony Pike B            
C186 Arrelious Benn B            
C195 Eric Berry            
C208 Jordan Shipley B   X        
C212 Rolando McClain            
C216 Toby Gerhart            
C218 John Skelton B            


Chrome Rookie Autographs Dual

Dual Autograph Refractor /25 - 1:12,300 (H) Dual Autograph Refractor /25 - 1:41,000 (R)
Card Card Description Autograph
CDRA1 Colt McCoy  
Montario Hardesty
CDRA2 Tim Tebow  
Aaron Hernandez
CDRA3 Sam Bradford  
Jimmy Clausen
CDRA4 C.J. Spiller  
Ryan Mathews
CDRA5 Dez Bryant  
Demaryius Thomas


Chrome Rookie Autographs Triple

Triple Autograph Refractor /10 - 1:360,000 (H) Triple Autograph Refractor /10 - 1:129,000 (R)
Card Card Description Autograph
CTRA1 Tim Tebow  
Sam Bradford
Jimmy Clausen


Red Zone Rookie Autograph Continuity

Autograph - 1:4,250 (H) 1:13,700 (R)
Note - Hobby "exclusive" Rookie Autographs are on-card.  They are inserted into multiple Topps products throughout 2010.
Card Card Description Auto
RPAAB Arrelious Benn/100  
RPAAE Armanti Edwards  
RPAAR Andre Roberts/100  
RPABL Brandon LaFell/100  
RPABT Ben Tate/100  
RPACM Colt McCoy/100  
RPADB Dez Bryant/100  
RPADM Dexter McCluster/100  
RPADT Demaryius Thomas/100  
RPADW Damian Williams/100  
RPAEB Eric Berry  
RPAED Eric Decker/100  
RPAES Emmanuel Sanders/100  
RPAGM Gerald McCoy/99  
RPAGT Golden Tate/100  
RPAJB Jahvid Best/100  
RPAJC Jimmy Clausen/100  
RPAJD Jonathan Dwyer/93  
RPAJG Jermaine Gresham/100  
RPAJM Joe McKnight  
RPAJS Jordan Shipley/100  
RPAME Marcus Easley/100  
RPAMG Mardy Gilyard/98  
RPAMH Montario Hardesty/100  
RPAMK Mike Kafka/100  
RPAMW Mike Williams/100  
RPANS Ndamukong Suh/100  
RPARG Rob Gronkowski/100  
RPARM Rolando McClain/100  
RPARM Ryan Mathews/100  
RPASB Sam Bradford/100  
RPATG Toby Gerhart/100  
RPATP Taylor Price/100  
RPATT Tim Tebow/100  
RPACJS C.J. Spiller/100