The 49ers boast the best overall team in the Tecmo Super Bowl league. It's easy to see as the team came off of consecutive Super Bowl wins in 1988 and 1989.

The rosters are based on NFL rosters as of 1990. Of their 1990 draft, only Dexter Carter (25th pick) cracked the Tecmo roster as a rookie.

The team schedule is based on the teams the 49ers would play in 1991.

Joe Montana (2000), Ronnie Lott (2000), Steve Young (2005), Jerry Rice (2010), and Charles Haley (2015), all were inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Pos. Player RC Autograph Memorabilia
QB Montana
QB Young  
RB Craig  
RB Rathman  
RB Carter  
RB Sydney  
WR Taylor  
WR Rice
WR Sherrard  
WR Wilson  
TE Jones  
TE Williams  
C Sapolu  
LG McIntyre  
RG Barton  
LT Paris  
RT Wallace  
RE Fagan  
NT Carter  
LE Holt  
ROLB Romanowski  
RILB DeLong  
LILB Millen  
LOLB Haley  
RCB Griffin  
LCB Pollard  
FS Lott
SS Waymer  
K Cofer  
P Helton